Primary Student Council Up and Running


On Tuesday the first FIS Primary Student Council meeting took place and will now continue on a weekly basis.

But what is the FIS Primary Student Council? This is a formal group of students within our school who were elected by their peers to represent them and their views. This new group of students is one way of representing student voice at the FIS. Student voice could include taking action in the school, bringing forward ideas and suggestions to improve the school environment and the organization of school activities and events.

Elected students from EY3 to Grade 5 gathered for the first time to meet each other and discuss what personal learning goals they will need to demonstrate during the meetings to be a successful team.

After the introduction, the students worked in mileposts to decide on a list of Student Council Agreements that will be followed during every meeting. All the groups were able to make connections to each other’s ideas.

Some of the suggestions for Student Council Agreements were:

  • Listen to each other and respect others suggestions
  • Show resilience and not give up on your idea and suggestions
  • Use a respectful tone when having discussions and collaborating
  • Raise your hand when you would like to speak in discussions
  • Represent your class and not just yourself

There was also a suggestion on how the representatives will communicate the information discussed during the meetings with their classes. As well as sharing this information, another important role of the Student Council will be to collect and share feedback from all students in our community. They will be arranging times with the Homeroom Teacher to allocate time for this.

The Student Council looks forward to sharing more updates regarding the work they will do in order to make a positive impact on the world around them.

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