Nurture Program @FIS


All our students who join our Early Years classes at the FIS come with a wealth of experiences and knowledge. Every day in the classroom, teachers, and assistants build upon these experiences and knowledge in an engaging and exciting way. They plan and teach those skills that enable our students to access our challenging curriculum as they move through the grade levels.

In addition to our homeroom provision, we provide a nurture program for those students who might need a short intervention in order for them to reach the developmentally appropriate milestones. The nurture teacher collaborates closely with Early Years (EY) teachers and the Student Support Department to support students identified as needing this early intervention. The aim is that this intervention provides extra support that ensures students are equipped and ready for Grade 1.

The program is facilitated by our nurture teacher Mrs. Nela Sebesta, in the nurture room. Here EY students find a friendly and safe environment where EY students feel successful and empowered to learn. Students may access the program individually or in a small group. Each session is tailored to the student’s individual learning needs incorporating fun games, exercises and manipulatives. The form and duration of intervention vary from student to student. A clear set of goals for each student, with regular assessment points, ensures the tracking of individual progress towards the age-appropriate milestones which, once met, students, are equipped with the necessary skills and exit the program.

The aim of the nurture program is to ensure all students enter Grade 1 with a strong and purposeful foundation that enables them to flourish and realize their full potential.

Should you have questions about the nurture program, or would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch at .

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