Nürnberg Old Town Visit Recap


This week a group of parents went on a PTO organized tour of the Old Town of Nürnberg and the Nürnberg Castle!

We lucked out with a perfect fall day as we were guided around town from the Hauptmarkt to the Castle learning many new things about our neighboring city. We now all know which ring to spin for luck at the Schöner Brunnen!

Following our walking tour of the Old Town, we then continued our excursion and wandered through the Nürnberg Castle and Museum, learning about its defenses as well as ancient weaponry. We finished off the afternoon with a lovely lunch at Restaurant Alex overlooking the Hauptmarkt.

We hope you will join us in our upcoming events like St. Martin‘s in November and the Winter Holiday Fair in December. We will post more information in the upcoming weeks about how you can get involved or you can always email , if you are interested to know more.

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