New Staff Induction at the FIS


This year, 15 new staff members have joined us from all over the world. As every year, we organized a three-day orientation to support our new colleagues in getting onboarded and settled into their roles.

Held every year ahead of the all-staff prep week before the start of school, the orientation schedule touches on several aspects of school life; this includes learning about the school`s guiding statements, the facilities, getting acquainted with technology, understanding procedures and practices, individual check-ins, and acclimating to life in Germany.

There are also many avenues to socialize with colleagues including a BBQ and a Biergarten visit.

Aside from this, an elaborate induction program runs throughout the school year, delving deeper into internal policies, the FIS learning programs and their implementations. Various touchpoints for reflection and discussion are incorporated, as well. The idea is to support the onboarding of our new educators into the school at a reasonable pace, without overwhelming them.

Maide Kalas, who is from Turkey and has joined the EAL department, says she really liked the opportunity to work one-on-one with the Heads of Departments. “There are always so many questions related to your lessons and it’s a great chance to have them answered,” she explains.

Living in Franken, a favorite among most new staff attending the orientation, is a 30-minute presentation on Franconia delivered by FIS Business Manager Thomas Heinrich. He shares insights into the cultural facets of the German region, along with good-to-know phrases, famous Franconians, everyday hacks, and recommendations on things to do.

“It was a really great time to meet new colleagues and feel very welcome,” says Kevin Pape, Learning Support Teacher joining us from the United States. When asked about what his favorite part of the orientation week was, he adds without missing a beat: “White sausage breakfast, it was a nice cultural experience!”

While the Bavarian delicacy may not find an enthusiast in everyone, we wish our new staff a long and exciting time at the FIS ahead. Herzlich willkommen und viel Erfolg!

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