Message From the Head of School: Warm Wishes for a Merry and Bright Festive Season

As we approach the festive season and near the midpoint of another academic year at the Franconian International School, it’s a time for reflection and anticipation. Despite the relentless challenges on a global scale, our community remains steadfast in its commitment to peace, understanding, and environmental stewardship. This steadfastness finds its echo in the melodies and messages from our recent EY concert, particularly the song ‘One Small Voice Singing Sweet and Strong,’ which epitomizes the power of individual actions in creating a harmonious and peaceful world.

Kevin Ruth, former Executive Director of ECIS, spoke of a world filled with ‘discord and strife,’ highlighting two generational challenges: the pursuit of peace in conflict-ridden areas and the quest for environmental sustainability, as emphasized at COP28. In our realm of international education, we confront these challenges head-on, preparing our young adults to make morally sound decisions for a better world. The song from our EY concert becomes a metaphor here – each small voice, each pupil at our school, is a vital part of this global chorus for change.

In our daily school life, we witness the embodiment of these ideals. Our corridors, classrooms, and curricular programmes are alive with discussions and actions aimed at addressing these global issues. The ‘micro-moments’ we cherish – from the explorations of our EY students to the Christmas in a Shoebox project, and from the GISST sports to the upcoming concert for Years 1-5 – are all testaments to the power of these small but significant actions. They reflect the ethical, positive, and impactful ethos we strive to instill in our students.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s poignant words about human rights beginning in small, close-to-home places resonate deeply with our school’s ethos. Each micro-moment at our school is a step towards fostering holistic development and embracing new challenges. These moments are not just academic; they extend to experiential and service learning, preparing our students for active global citizenship.

Our recent EY concert, and particularly the song ‘One Small Voice,’ reminds us of the immense power hidden in small actions and voices. This holiday season, as we embrace our own micro-moments, let us remember the joy and peace they bring, and the profound impact they can have in making the world a better place.

I extend a heartfelt thank you to our Parent-Teacher Organisation for orchestrating a wonderful Christmas market celebration, embodying the spirit of unity and joy. Observing our students articulate and demonstrate their learnings was a testament to their holistic development.

As we reflect on the year, we acknowledge our challenges and celebrate our resilience. Our school community’s dedication and purpose have been the cornerstone of our journey toward excellence in education.

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024, I extend my warmest wishes to our school community for a safe, joyful, and healthy festive season. To those moving on from our community, we wish you success and joy in your future endeavors.

Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr.

“Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise”

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