Introducing the Collins Big Cat Reading Program in Primary School: Cultivating a Love for Reading

We are delighted to announce that starting from the 2023/2024 school year, the FIS will be implementing the highly regarded Collins Big Cat Reading Program and the associated Little Wandle Phonics Program to support primary reading. This comprehensive initiative is designed to foster a genuine love for reading, spanning from early phonics development to fluent reading. We firmly believe that reading is set to become an integral part of our primary school’s very essence.

A dedicated team of educators devoted their time and expertise to thoroughly investigate various global reading programs, aiming to align with our school’s guiding statements while selecting the program that offers the most effective features to meet our students’ reading needs. After careful consideration, we chose the Collins Big Cat Reading Program for its outstanding qualities.

One of the key components of the Collins Big Cat Reading Program is the provision of home readers and assessment tools. We strongly encourage children to engage in regular reading at home, with a varied selection of books that will be changed on a regular basis. It has been proven that reading a few pages every day, consistently and in small increments, is crucial for making progress. As part of our home-school partnership, we invite and encourage parents to actively support their children in this program. Your involvement as parents is not only valued but essential to the success of the program.

Looking ahead we will plan workshops to guide and support parents in nurturing young readers at home. These workshops will equip you with valuable strategies and insights, empowering you to play a vital role in your child’s reading journey as part of our home-school partnership. Reading alone is the most powerful home learning for primary learners. More detailed information regarding these workshops will be shared during the parent nights at the beginning of the upcoming school year.

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