GISST Athletics Directors visited the FIS


This week, the FIS welcomed Athletic Directors from all GISST member schools for the final meeting of the school year. Led by the GISST Coordinator Mr. Ian Cook from the St. Georges School Duisburg/Düsseldorf, the meeting offered an opportunity to review recent tournaments, set dates and locations for next school year´s events as well as to discuss potential organizational and philosophical changes. The two major focuses were organizational aspects of the upcoming Track and Field competition, the largest GISST event of the year, and growing housing difficulties (i.e. reviewing the practice of hosting and seeking alternative approaches to this element of GISST).

In this regard, I would like to encourage all FIS families to please help out with hosting the GISST U14 and Varsity Track and Field meet here in Erlangen, from June 7 to 9. We will have ten other international schools from all over Germany coming to the FIS, with more than 200 young athletes that will all be taking part in track and field events over the two-day tournament.

Please join our awesome team and offer to be a host family for the visiting students. You would collect two (or more if you have space) students from school on the evening of Thursday, June 7 and welcome them into your home for two nights. You can let us know if you are able to host via this Google Form.

For more information, please contact me at or Mrs. Chaveriat at if you need more information.

We’re looking forward to hosting a fantastic event so please get involved and support the FIS Dragons!

I would like to especially thank our school management and administrative staff members who assisted in the AD meeting’s preparation.

GISST Sports Program

GISST stands for German International Schools Sports Tournaments. The formation of GISST is to allow small and middle-sized German International Schools to meet in specified sporting activities on a competitive basis within a tournament structure. Each member school works toward a common aim in co-operating with other schools to achieve a high quality, efficient and well-balanced program.

At GISST, we aim to provide students from German International Schools with opportunities for participation in quality sporting activities on a competitive basis. In particular, through the tournaments that we hold, we are hoping to:

  • Foster a sense of enjoyment and achievement through participation in sporting activities.
  • Encourage all participants to play and perform to the best of their abilities, accepting defeat gracefully and celebrating success in a sporting manner.
  • Develop positive attitudes and social skills that encourage and allow students to observe the conventions of fair play, honest competition and good sporting behaviour.
  • Promote a sense of commitment and responsibility and teach our students the principle of co-operation among individuals whilst striving for a common goal.
  • Inspire and develop each individual to reach their full potential in their chosen activity.
  • Develop an interest in and desire to continue sporting activities in later years and improve physical fitness.
  • Provide opportunities for, and to encourage social interaction with, students from other international schools, and where appropriate other local German Schools or teams.
  • Build an intercultural platform and create a role model for respect, trust and sportsmanship between athletes from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Throughout the school year, we host a selection of tournaments, which invites and motivates students of all ages, ability and sporting orientation to take part. Generally, all member schools should host two tournaments per school year. Families from the hosting school house all students attending a GISST tournament. Hosting helps to promote sports and the GISST organization encourages whole school involvement that includes all families.

Mila Fischer
Athletics Director

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