G9 Winter Sports Week


What a week with heavy snowfalls, deep snow skiing and snowboarding, a nightwalk to a snowed in middle age castle and many snowball fights! Hey, it’s the Grade 9 winter sports week.

Like every year our Grade 9 classes spent a week at Speikboden in South Tyrol, Italy. We had a wonderful time which created the mindset for the holiday celebrations to come. The snow helped to make the scenery look very Christmas-sy. More than fifty students had skiing and snowboarding lessons by professional instructors. From beginners to “I have done it before”, from advanced to almost pros, everyone received tailor-made tips so that all students improved tremendously in only a couple of days. Spending most of the time outside and in movement helped strengthen our immune system and the many laughs added to this daily fitness cocktail. Please see our picture gallery for some impressions.

The following students were happy to voice their opinions about this very special experience:

Abhinav (beginner skiing experience): “The hotel was very nice, I liked the food. Skiing was a new event for me, I had never done it before. I got to like the sport and learned a lot of new things. The people in my group were very helpful, the instructors were very kind. The challenges were obviously that I never skied before, so I had to learn something new. It did take a while but after I did it many times, it became better.

Ege (intermediate skiing experience): “So I learned a lot of new techniques and gained a lot of experience that I can use in the future when skiing or snowboarding.

Michael (advanced skiing experience) added: “The ski trip this year was very very nice. I learned a lot in skiing especially how to ski in a lot of snow. Being in the advanced group helped a lot to get better at skiing but it also meant that the ski instructor went very fast and I had to catch up which took a lot of time. The hotel was nice, with great food and a good menu.

And Charlotte (also advanced skiing experience) mentioned: “I enjoyed my skiing advanced group because everyone supported everyone, even if they fell in the powder snow, and its really fun skiing with them.

We would like to thank our Athletics Director, Mila Fischer, for the organization and for leading this all-time favorite field trip. We are looking forward to many more to come.

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