Changes to the Newsletter From January


In response to feedback from our community, we are excited to announce upcoming changes to our newsletter starting January 2024. Our primary objective is to offer you improved communication, tailored to different needs. Here’s what you can expect in the new formats:

Weekly Newsletter: This concise update will exclusively highlight crucial dates and announcements for the upcoming week, ensuring you stay well-informed without any unnecessary clutter.

Newsblog on the FIS Website: The current format of our Newsblog will remain intact, delivering real-time articles as noteworthy events unfold, providing you with the latest and most relevant information.

Bi-monthly FIS News: Celebrating the highlights of learning at FIS, this revamped feature will showcase the best stories from the past two months, offering a comprehensive overview of the educational journey within our community.

Essential platforms such as the Parent Portal, ManageBac, and Toddle will remain unaffected by these changes. If you have subscribed to receive the weekly newsletter, you will automatically also receive the bi-monthly FIS News. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for a daily dose of school life.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. We look forward to delivering an improved communication experience that aligns with your expectations. If you have any suggestions, you are welcome to mail us to .

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