G9 Trip to the Deutsches Museum München

On Monday, May 8, the G9 students visited the Deutsches Museum in Munich as part of their learning in science with an emphasis to the interdisciplinary unit of energy. Besides the opportunity to visit and explore various parts of this amazing museum, they attended a series of workshops on Electronics, Robotics, and DNA extraction.

Here there are a couple of comments from our students:

“The Deutsches Museum was interesting and very engaging. The biggest museum I have visited so far, I saw 15 planes on one floor, the areas of the museum were so wide and full of exploration. There were even some activities to involve you to understand the science of different topics, such as mixing your DNA (saliva) with chemicals and putting it in a necklace or trying some small puzzles of machines. There was even a tour guide that showed us how machines worked from the 1900s using radiowaves. The trip itself was so exciting to explore and overall a fascinating experience.” (Jeremy)

“The trip was very engaging as it included a variety of in-depth explanations as well as opportunities to try out them, such as programming small robots. I also enjoyed that during our breaks we were able to explore other areas of the museum by ourselves.” (Ellie)

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