G9 German Language and Literature Students Explore Social Issues with Joachim Herrmann, MP and Minister of the Interior

On June 5, our G9 German LangLit students enjoyed a special visit as a follow-up to their tour of the Bavarian parliament in May. Joachim Herrmann, MP in the Bavarian parliament (Bayerischer Landtag), and Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, for Sport and Integration (Staatsminister des Innern, für Sport und Integration), paid a visit to the FIS to attend a Q&A session with our students.

This follow-up visit was highly anticipated, and the students had meticulously prepared their questions, ready to engage in thoughtful discussions. They wanted to explore the age at which individuals should be allowed to vote, the pervasive issue of cyberbullying, and many more. Mr. Herrmann acknowledged their enthusiasm and encouraged them to voice their opinions, creating an environment where every viewpoint mattered. Experiences such as these offer valuable opportunities for authentic learning, fostering the development of responsible citizens who can engage in thoughtful debates and gain a comprehensive understanding of diverse perspectives.

As the discussions shifted to the ever-relevant issue of cyber mobbing, the students were keen to learn about the government’s initiatives to combat online harassment and protect vulnerable individuals. Mr. Herrmann shared insightful anecdotes and statistics, advising the students about the challenges faced in addressing cyberbullying effectively. The visit concluded with a heartfelt Thank You from the students and teachers, expressing their gratitude for Mr. Herrmann’s time and insights.

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