G5 Enjoys a Trip to Bayreuth

This week, our G5 students embarked on an exciting adventure to the town of Bayreuth. Their journey began with a visit to the Kletterwald, where they encountered an enormous, high zipline. To conquer it, they had to be risk-takers, some pushing themselves to their limits. As they flew through the air, they realized the power of resilience and the thrill of conquering fears.

At the charming hostel, the students nurtured their friendships while staying in rooms shared by four or six. Free time was used to play volleyball, ping pong, and football, and simply cherish moments of camaraderie.

Exploring the enchanting town of Bayreuth, the students divided into groups, discovering hidden treasures and cultural experiences. Their cultural journey continued with a visit to the renowned Kunstmuseum.

Back at the hostel, instructors introduced them to archery, teaching focus and determination. The students learned to aim, release, and embrace patience in pursuit of their goals. As the week neared its end, the group will make a final stop at the bowling alley today, celebrating their journey together. They have certainly grown closer on this trip, learning the value of friendship and perseverance.

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