Differentiation PD with Dr. Ochan Kusuma Powell


This week on Monday and Tuesday, we had the honour and great opportunity to work with Dr. Ochan Kusuma Powell here at the FIS. As a coach, Dr. Ochan Kusuma Powell works with many schools internationally on differentiation for all learners, as well as including students with exceptionalities and English Language Learners more into the lessons. She is a founding member of “Next Frontier: Inclusion”, an organization working with the US Dept. of State to develop more inclusive international schools.

Integrating differentiated instruction into our teaching as teachers at international schools to meet the needs of a diverse student population is the main focus of her work, as well as creating adaptive schools. Dr. Ochan Kusuma Powell leads workshops on “Cognitive Coaching” and has authored many books with regard to her work with her husband Bill Powell. We had the opportunity to meet with her in groups to collaborate on differentiated planning of units and lessons benefitting from her advice and experience. On Tuesday afternoon, teachers and teaching assistants collaborated with Ochan on differentiation as a whole school in a student-centered interactive

Sabine Lang
Student Support Coordinator

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