Construction of New Gym to Start Soon


As announced at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November 2018, the FIS is about to build a second gym on half of our existing soccer field to provide for an adequate number of PE classes and an expanded After School Sports Program for our growing student population. The construction work will start after Fasching break.

During our first week back a fence will be built between the soccer field and our playground facilities. Construction delivery will take place from Kurt-Schumacher-Str. and not affect our parking lot except for three spots which will be closed for connecting the construction site with electricity. Until end of the calendar year, the soccer field cannot be accessed, however, during this time and also in the future, we can use the sports fields of the SpVgg Erlangen directly opposite.

If everything goes well, we can open the new gym after the winter break 2019/2020.

For all questions regarding the building project, please contact Petra Niemczyk () or Thomas Heinrich ().

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