Community Days 2024

Community Days are taking place next week, and we extend a warm invitation to parents to join us during these days.

Sports activities take place as follows:

Tuesday, April 16:

  • G5 – 8 will be participating from 9:00 – 11:45.
  • G9 – 11 from 12:50 until the end of the school day.
  • Students select from a range of fun activities, including badminton, table tennis, Just Dance, basketball, football, volleyball, dodgeball and even acro yoga.
  • Venues are both gyms and outside on our red top and FIS field.

Wednesday, April 17:

  • From 8:40 – 11:45, G1 and 2 will be in Gym 2.0 playing a variety of fun activities.
  • At the same time, G3 and 4 will be rotating around organized team sports, such as basketball, football, and gymnastics.
  • From 12:40 – 15:00, our EY students will be participating in a range of fun team and individual activities in Gym 2.0.

For the sports activities, students are reminded to come prepared with appropriate sports clothes, a water bottle, and sun screen if needed.

Picnic adventures will go ahead as scheduled, in light of the potentially less favorable weather conditions, students are requested to pack waterproof jackets, appropriate shoes and a water bottle. Please refer to the letter you received from your picnic adventure leaders.

We celebrate 25 years FIS on Saturday, May 4 with the FIS Fest. Parents are invited to participate in the festivities from 10:00, explore the Community Days projects and enjoy various fun activities, coming together as community.

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