Chicks hatching at the FIS


For three days, children from Early Years and Elementary School were able to watch baby chicks hatch live at the FIS. Classes came and visited a little incubator that held the eggs and were able to use all of their senses to experience how a baby chick breaks out of its cozy dark egg and into a bright exciting world.

Q: What animals come from eggs?
A: “Dinosaurs, chickens, frogs, butterflies, penguins, and unicorns.” – Early Years 3 to 5

Q: How many days does it take for a chicken egg to hatch?
A: “Seven days, five months, two years” – Grade 1 students
(correct answer: 21 days)

Q: How does the chick get out of its egg?
A: “They burst out using their wings.” – Nia, Early Years 3
A: “They use their beak.” – Vedaant, Early Years 3

The chicks were picked up and brought back to their mothers on Friday by Mr. Witt from the Heroldsberg Bird Society.

Sarah Kloha
Early Years 3 Teacher

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