Buckets for the Rainforest


The FIS Bluegreen Environmental Action Club is planning a brand new “Buckets for the Rainforest” activity for the upcoming FIS Christmas Fair on December 7, 2019. The aim of the activity is to raise money to support rainforest conservation and protect some of the world’s most important natural resources.

We hereby invite you to be a part of this effort and help achieve our contribution goals. You can do this by sponsoring one part of the activity. Keep reading for details!

In the game, players pay 50 cents to toss a ball into a series of buckets. The more buckets they “hit” in consecutive order, the higher the donation will be. The bucket values will range, we expect, from 10 cents to EUR 5 though if few are reaching the top buckets, we can raise the donation.

We are asking parents to please sponsor all or part of one bucket for the entire event. You would cover the donation plus prizes for that bucket.

To sponsor a bucket or our prizes, please fill out the form below and return to the Front Desk. If you have any questions, please write to me at .

Adam Steinberg
Bluegreen Club Advisor

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