BookBridge Book Exchange, Monday, April 24, Aula

Have you had a Spring Clean recently and don’t know what to do with your books? Or perhaps you would like to freshen up your home library and you have books that you no longer want?

Why not swap them for books that you haven’t read at the BookBridge Book Exchange next Monday, April 24! How does it work?

  1. Bring in your unwanted books (in very good condition) to either the Primary Library or FIS2 Library between today and Friday, April 21.
  2. We will give you a Rufis Voucher for each book that you bring in.
  3. On Monday, April 24, come to the Aula between 9.35am -4.30pm and you can swap your Rufis Vouchers for “new” books – basically you use your Rufis Voucher to pay for the book!
  4. If you don’t have any Rufis Vouchers then you still can buy any of the books, they will cost 50cents.
  5. Any unused Rufis Vouchers can be put in the Prize Draw box and the winning voucher will win a 10Euro Gift voucher for Thalia.
  6. Any English children’s books which are left over will be sent to BookBridge Learning Centres in Mongolia, Cambodia in Sri Lanka and any leftover German children’s books will be donated to local refugee groups and schools.

We hope to have books for all ages and in a variety of languages, not just English and German!

For further information, please contact

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