Big Cat Home Readers Launch


Today was a day to remember as our primary students embraced the Collins Big Cat Home Reading Program. It was a day filled with excitement and the promise of countless adventures within the pages of their chosen books.

Students had already selected their very first home reader during the week. We ask parents to try to spend just 5 minutes a day to listen to their child read. Reading aloud with an adult leads to increased comprehension, confidence and success in all areas of the curriculum.

At the launch, our primary school community gathered to emphasize the importance of fostering a deep love for reading. Mr. Piehler shared how reading can transport us to incredible places and open our minds to new horizons. The simple yet essential process of returning books and acquiring new ones was explained, stressing the importance of responsibility and care for these literary treasures.

Molly, EY5, who can already read a bit, chose the book “Shapes on the Seashore”: “I chose this book because it looks so interesting.

Otto, also in EY5 selected the book “The Owl and the Pussycat” and said, “I like owls and cats, and it looks like they go on a boat!

Together with our school mascot RuFIS, we celebrated the beginning of what will be an incredible literary journey for our students. It’s a journey that promises to nurture their love for reading, one page at a time. We’re excited to watch them grow and explore through the magic of books.

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