Battle of the Books

Our annual FIS Battle of the Books (BoB) program for Grades 4 and 5 wrapped up this week with our final “Book Battle.” This program is designed to generate excitement about books, motivate students to read something new, and engage with their reading in various ways.

To participate, students collaborated in groups to read a selection of 12 books which were chosen with consideration of diverse reading interests and abilities. Teams earned points throughout the course of the program by completing differentiated tasks, and participating in quiz sessions. Examples of tasks submitted include: drawing a map of a book’s setting; using iMovie to create a book trailer; writing a letter to the author; designing a book jacket and summary for a sequel; or cooking a food mentioned in a BoB book.

On Wednesday, May 18, teams representing each Grade 4 and 5 homeroom participated in a final “Book Battle,” while their classmates enthusiastically cheered them on from the audience. Congratulations to all of our Grade 4 and 5 readers for their effort, creativity, enthusiasm, good sportsmanship, and teamwork throughout this year’s Battle of the Books!

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