2024 Manfred Langer Awards

At the end of each academic year, the prestigious Manfred Langer Award is presented to one exceptional Primary student and one outstanding Secondary student. Manfred Langer, a revered Hausmeister (janitor) from our school’s history, remains a shining example of helpfulness, support, and kindness. In his honor, this award recognizes FIS students who embody his spirit through their remarkable care and assistance toward classmates and teachers. These students consistently demonstrate a willingness to support others and offer help without being asked, making our school community a better place.

This year, we congratulate Hana, G3, and Teni, G10, for receiving the Manfred Langer Award. Hana was characterized as someone many count on in Primary school, she is consistently respectful and helpful, and genuinely seen as a friend. Teni was described as a student who maintains a positive attitude toward all aspects of school life, approaching tasks with confidence, and being at ease in various situations.

Hana and Teni are shining examples of our school community. Their dedication and kindness make us proud and inspire us to strive for the same excellence and compassion.

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