The Duke of Edinburgh’s Adventurous Journey Training

The FIS’s Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) students were ready to tackle their next challenge on April 21, as part of their adventurous journey training. The group was divided into two: Group 1 (Bronze) would go on a 6km hike into the southeast forest of Erlangen, and Group 2 (Silver) would set up tents and cook food.

Bronze participants, armed with their hiking bags, set off on their independently planned journey. They talked, laughed, and bonded over their shared experience. Every step brought them closer to their destination and the sense of accomplishment that awaited them. Meanwhile, Silver participants were divided into smaller groups, each tasked with setting up tents with Mr. Babbs, and cooking food. Some groups raced to set up their tents as quickly as possible. It was a friendly rivalry that added a fun twist to the day’s events.

With their tents set up, it was time to cook dinner. The recipe was for Asian noodles, however the Tofu was nowhere to be found. But the group didn’t let that stop them. They put their heads together and improvised, creating a delicious meal that everyone enjoyed.

As Bronze participants returned from their hike, the aroma of food filled the air. Dinner was served, and everyone sat down to enjoy it together. After dinner, the group moved to the cafeteria to work on their DoE online record book requirements. Although some were missing work, they buckled down and got it done, fueled by the sense of camaraderie that had developed over the course of the day.

In the end, it was a day filled with adventure, teamwork, and triumph. The group had overcome obstacles and worked together to achieve their goals, and they did it all with enthusiasm and a spirit of fun.

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