Primary Student Council: Making Dreams Come True

At the FIS, the Primary School Student Council is working tirelessly to make the school a better place for everyone. Their mission is clear: to ensure the well-being and happiness of every student at FIS and to address any issues and ensure that every class has what they need to thrive. The Primary Student Council formed at the beginning of the current school year and can look back at an eventful and successful first year.

This group of students achieved several significant accomplishments that have made a positive impact on the school community. One of their most noteworthy achievements was organizing the highly anticipated school disco. This vibrant event brought together students from all primary grades, providing an opportunity for celebration and enjoyment. Other initiatives focused on promoting a healthy and responsible environment, such as discussions with EY 3 to EY5 on safe and responsible behavior in the Cafeteria, and addressing the issue of littering on the playground. The Primary Student Council also embarked on a review of the “Bookbridge Buddy Bags.” They reflected on the effectiveness of these buddy bags, surveyed classes, gathered feedback, and shared their findings with G10 students.

The students have enjoyed their involvement in the council, meeting almost every Tuesday to discuss various matters. When it comes to collecting feedback, the Primary Student Council ensures that they accurately represent the ideas and concerns of their respective classes. Each member makes their own routine to gather feedback from their peers and bring it back to the council meetings. This valuable feedback helps guide their decision-making processes. In cases where differing opinions arise, the council employs a voting system to reach a consensus. This inclusive and collaborative approach ensures that all voices are heard and considered.

Looking ahead to the next school year, the Primary Student Council is excited about the upcoming elections. Many members are eager to be reelected and continue their contributions. In its inaugural year, the Primary Student Council emerged as a significant student voice, playing an instrumental role in shaping the primary school experience. Their dedication, initiative, and commitment to improvement have made a tangible difference in the lives of their peers.

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