G11 Trip to Ingolstadt

G11 Business Management and Economics students recently had the opportunity to visit the Audi production plant and museum in Ingolstadt, Germany. This excursion was not only an exciting adventure for the students but also a chance to gain real-world experience in the field of business and economics. The visit offered an unparalleled learning experience that allowed the students to explore and understand how a successful global business operates.

The highlight of the trip was the guided tour of the Audi production plant. It was fascinating to witness the precision and accuracy of the manufacturing process, which plays a crucial role in ensuring the high-quality standards of Audi products. This experience allowed the students to connect the theoretical knowledge they gained in their classrooms to real-life applications.

In addition to the production plant tour, the students visited the Audi museum, which was a treat for car enthusiasts and design aficionados. The museum is home to a vast collection of Audi’s most iconic vehicles, including vintage cars, race cars, and concept cars. The museum also showcases the evolution of Audi’s design philosophy and its contributions to the automotive industry. The students got a glimpse of how Audi’s design has evolved over time and how it remains innovative, relevant, and stylish even today.

The trip was a truly authentic and enriching learning experience for the G11 Business Management and Economics students. They were able to gain valuable insights into the automotive industry, and the rich history and design of the Audi brand.

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