DoE Bronze Practice Expedition

Prince Edward, the newly appointed Duke of Edinburgh, arrived in Berlin earlier this week to celebrate the achievements of young participants in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award ceremony. Meanwhile, a group of students from the FIS embarked on their first DoE adventurous journey expedition. Their tasks included designing their own hiking route between two given map coordinates and estimating the time to cover that distance before setting up their tents. The groups also took charge of selecting and preparing their own meals on gas camping stoves. The journey was not without its trials. A wrong turn led one group astray, ending in an unexpected 25 kilometers hike. Adding in backpacks weighing 12 to 15 kilograms, the physical and mental challenges pushed their limits.

As if this was not enough of a challenge, no electronic devices were permitted, fostering a connection with their fellow students and natural surroundings. Reflecting on their experience, one group will be curating a playlist, another group decided to document their adventures in journals. Beyond a mere physical test, their expedition served as a profound testament to their resilience, patience, and the enduring power of friendship. We look forward to hearing about their qualification journey in June before they are awarded their Bronze Award upon successful completion.

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