Vaccination Center Erlangen Visit


On Wednesday, October 13, a group of 16 students from Grade 6-12 visited the Vaccination Center in Erlangen, accompanied by one of the School Nurses and a member of the counseling team. For some students it was their first COVID vaccination, while a few students were there to receive their booster.

After check-in, which included a temperature check, we watched a short video. The video gave a summary about the disease itself, explained how the vaccination works and what kind of side effects could occur. One of the team members was there to answer any of the students’ questions – for example if it would be ok to participate in sport activities after the vaccination.

Once all questions were answered we proceeded to the actual vaccination. Close friends and siblings were allowed to go in to the cubical in pairs for comfort.

Once the 15-minute waiting time after the administration of the vaccination ended, students were called individually to speak to a member of the vaccination team. They were asked about how they felt and were given some additional information regarding next steps. This talk was in English wherever needed.

It was great to see especially the younger students master the whole event with minimal input from the chaperoning adults and we are great full that we were able to offer this in collaboration with the local Vaccination Center.

We will be going back in a few weeks’ time for the necessary booster vaccinations.

Should you be interested to sign your child/ren up for their COVID-19 vaccination please get in touch with and I will enquire if we could make this happen again.

Hannah Bauer
School Nurse

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