Tutoring for Middle and High School by Grade 12 Students

A large number of students from Grade 12 are keen to offer their services as tutors to younger students in a range of subjects. They are available during the day and sometimes also on the weekends via Skype, Zoom, Discord, Whatsapp or Facetime.

The subjects they are offering to tutor Middle and High School students include: Maths, English, German, Spanish, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Business, Geography, History, Economics, Visual Arts, Music, Drama and TOK.

In addition, some students are offering help with organization and time management, communication skills, public speaking, note-taking and even Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Most students are offering a free trial session and will then charge a very reasonable hourly rate (around EUR 10-15 per hour depending on the level). If you are interested in hearing more about the tutoring, please contact Grade 12 student Katja Eckl, who is going to help coordinate the tutoring offers, at .

Please let her know the following information:

  1. The subjects you are interested in
  2. The name and grade level of the student to be tutored

We will then send you details of the tutors available in those subjects/levels so that you can contact them directly.

Elaine Smith, Barbara Osnowski and Petra Niemczyk
Grade 12 Advisors

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