Secondary Advisory Developments for 2022-23

Advisory at the FIS is first and foremost a space for students to “just be;” a place where they can connect with their classmates and Advisor around topics that are relevant to their daily lives — whether it be personal, school-related, or about the world around them. It is a pause from academics, for students to be able to talk together about what’s on their minds. Advisory is also a critical space for addressing social-emotional learning-related topics (SEL). A selection of the themes we look into together in Advisory are:

  • emotional and mental health awareness
  • healthy relationships/comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)
  • substance use and social responsibility
  • active learning strategies and study skills
  • future-oriented planning, including self-exploration, career exploration, and Work Experience preparation
  • life skills, including topics such as budgeting, bicycle tire repair, and healthy cooking
  • digital citizenship
  • diversity, bias, discrimination, and speaking up

With the re-introduction of weekly Advisory lessons in Grades 6-8 for the 2022-23 school year, we are seeking to align and strengthen Advisory programming across the whole Secondary School. A solid step in that direction includes the introduction of the role of Lead Advisors (Derek Hyde–grade 6, John Almond–grade 7 & 8, and Fay Akin–grade 9 & 10), who will be working closely with the multiple colleagues who bring in their areas of specialization to assure the integrity of Advisory development and content. As we look to strengthen our sense of community; support transitions into, through, and out of secondary school; and further develop student-life-oriented opportunities at the FIS, Advisory plays a key role as a central space for students.

Keep an eye out next school year for news on further Advisory developments!

Michelle Ang
Secondary Counselor, Grades 11-12
Head of Wellbeing

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