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Michelle Koestler
Primary and Secondary School Parent

I am from the east coast of the United States born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. I met my native German husband while working for a German company in the US. In 2010, we had the opportunity to spend a couple of years in the Stuttgart area and really enjoyed the work/life balance that Germany had to offer in comparison to the US. Not to mention, the beautiful countryside and ability to travel and explore Europe. After our stint in Germany, we relocated to the US and remained until 2016 when another opportunity presented itself to return to Germany. This time we found ourselves in the Nuremberg area along with two daughters aged 2 and 9. We were thrilled at the opportunity to raise our girls in an international setting and haven’t looked back since.

I have been a part of the FIS community since 2016 and currently have one daughter in Grade 2 and another in Grade 10.

Last year, I volunteered as a PTO Grade 1 representative and found the work to be extremely rewarding. I particularly enjoyed volunteering along with other FIS parents in the various events and activities that the PTO and FIS had to offer. My predecessor, Alexis Casey relocated over the summer to the US and I was happy to step in and continue the work that she had initiated over the past two very challenging years. I am committed to building and strengthening the FIS community and eager to resume many of the activities and events that have been on hiatus for the past two years.

Vice President

Amy Wiesner
Primary School Parent

I am originally from the United States of America and have lived on the east coast, west coast, as well as the middle of the USA! I moved to Germany from Portland with my husband and our son in July of 2018. My husband works for Adidas, so we reside in Herzogenaurach. My son, EJ, is currently in Grade 4 and has been attending school at the FIS since EY5.

I have formed some amazing friendships with parents here at the FIS by attending events sponsored by the PTO. As part of the PTO Team, I look forward to creating more opportunities for returning and new families to build a stronger FIS community!


Sriram Aiyyer
Primary and Secondary School Parent

Originally from India, I moved to Germany in 2003 after spending a couple of years in the US. I work with Natus Medical as a Product Manager for audiology products. Up until this year, I worked for Siemens Healthineers.

My wife and I liked the work/life situation in Germany, so we decided to bring up our kids here. Our sons, now in Grade 8 and Grade 4, have both been attending the FIS since Grade 1. We always wanted to give our kids an international perspective on things and to become lifelong learners. The FIS approach and the FIS community were a perfect match to our aspirations.

The pandemic changed our lives and our ways of work as well. That enabled me to join the PTO in 2021 and give back to the community. In my free time, I am busy with activities of the Indian community, fixing the SGS Erlangen Soccer Club’s website or teaching Indian languages to kids.


Saskia Schmitt
Primary and Secondary School Parent

Born and raised in and in the surroundings of Erlangen, I was lucky to get the chance to travel the world a bit with my family, living in Chicago for three years and in China for altogether two years. There we experienced the privilege of the curriculum of two different international schools and somehow fell for the way knowledge was not only presented or offered to the kids, but experienced by them in being an active part in researching and applying new knowledge.

When we moved back in 2018, we were very happy to find an international school right here in Erlangen and joined the FIS in February 2018.

I have two boys, now attending Grade 8 and Grade 5.

I am a physiotherapist, working part time in a practice and I love to do a variety of sports, such as playing tennis, going for a run or hike with my family, as well as doing Yoga and taking care of our two Norwegian Forest Cats.

I was already involved in two PTO‘s while living abroad and I like that I can help to bring the community together and be a part of my kids’ life at school, supporting the staff, students and parents in different ways.


If you have questions or would like to know more about the PTO, you can get in touch at .

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