Off to an Epic Spring Break? These Ideas Will Keep You Busy!

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been, as we’ve navigated new ways of working, learning, and communicating with each other. And all within circumstances most of us have never experienced before. We can only reiterate how incredible it has been to witness instances of support, encouragement, and compassion across the community during this time.

And now as we move into Spring Break, the next set of question marks appear for many of us: how on earth do we make Spring Break a family experience to appreciate and cherish, as we’re transitioning from school to home, while still staying at home? How to get creative with good times and memory-making? And the additional factor for many: how about also balancing a full work schedule all the way through?

If you’re looking for more ideas for family fun and spending time together, we’ve collected a starter list of “Spring Break during the Coronavirus” ideas for families:

  1. Create a photo album: Just as you would during a “normal” family holiday, document your adventures together as a family during this historic experience.
  2. Write a book or journal: Have each family member tell part of a story (Coronavirus themed, or other!), write it down, and illustrate it together with your child.
  3. Clean the house: Make it a family activity to clean up and take inventory of what is and is not needed. Besides feeling good about cleaning up clutter, doing so together may be one good way to see just how abundant our lives are.
  4. Channel energy into reaching out to and supporting others. Ask an elderly neighbor if they need some shopping, catch up with family members and friends that you haven’t been in touch with for a while, shop local to help keep community businesses alive.
  5. Have a sports tournament. Kids vs. parents? Choose a yard sport, or go for an indoor Olympics line-up. Winners get to choose the next day’s “get active” activity!
  6. Have a game night. Everyone picks out a favorite board game, or try one that’s new for all!
  7. Learn a new skill together. Balcony gardening? Sailor knots? Bicycle maintenance? How to cut hair (for parents!)? How to whistle with your fingers? How to do a cartwheel?
  8. Try a new cuisine. Pick out some new recipes and make dinner together.
  9. Do a science experiment. There are countless kid-friendly science experiments to try at home.
  10. Have an indoor scavenger hunt. The internet abounds with ready-made clues. Here is a fun one, made of riddles.

However Spring Break looks like for you and your family this year, we wish you above all, plenty of opportunity for connection, relaxation, fun, and great memories.

Jasmina Dzafic, Judy Bradley and Michelle Ang
FIS Counselors

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