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Does your child require additional help in Mathematics? Then I am here to help. I just graduated from the FIS last school year, achieving a grade of a 7 in higher level IB Mathematics and am currently taking a gap year. Through the service portion of the IB course I have gained significant experience helping others understand mathematical concepts. I am available to provide one-on-one individual tutoring sessions for all levels of ability, from Elementary School to Grade 12 in High School. Contact me and I will be happy to arrange a session.

Jossy was both a creative and enthusiastic Math HL student who was not only able to understand abstract concepts, but was able to explain them well to others both in writing and verbally. As a member of the CAS After School Math Club, he was able to be a positive influence on many FIS Middle School students who attended the Monday sessions to get a High School student’s perspective on Mathematics. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jossy for any type of external tutoring!

– Bryan Landmann, Head of Mathematics at the FIS

Email: Phone number: +49 176 81321188

Jossy Russell
FIS 2017 Graduate

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