HS Music Showcase

HS Music Showcase


IB Soloists and Invited Guests

Our High School musicians put together a wonderful concert last Friday. The audience enjoyed solo items from our three IBDP Music students – Jossy Russell (piano), Sara Biedermann (piano) and Tanner Himmelright (guitar/voice). Also included in the programme were special guest musicians: Mr. Bryan Landmann performed his own original guitar composition; Julien Marchand played a beautiful piano ballad; Felix Dimaczek’s saxophone solo showed his developing skills; and Leon Osnowski and Kiara Stark-Meyer sang a soulful rendition of 1975’s “Chocolate”.

To bring the show together, separate items from the Grades 9, 10 and 12 classes were also presented. The noteworthy Finale piece involved an ensemble arrangement of “Carol of the Bells” performed by the Grades 9, 10 and 12 music classes.

To all of the FIS musicians who prepared items for the concert, a big thank you and an even bigger ‘well done’!

Nevann Hardwick
IB Music Teacher

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