Erlangen City Tour for New Families at the FIS


The PTO called and you came!

It was a fantastic turnout on Monday morning, when many new members of the FIS community gathered to explore the area around the FIS and the center of Erlangen. Like every year, the Erlangen City Tour was a fabulous opportunity to make new friends, meet other parents and learn more about life in Erlangen and Germany. Some had literally only just arrived in Erlangen in the last few days, and it was fascinating to hear everybody’s story as to how they came to be in Erlangen and the FIS.

The sun was shining, and we were able to admire the full beauty of the city’s old and new town architecture and the “Schlossgarten” (castle gardens). We learned a lot about “how things work”, from recycling waste and how to get medical care at the weekend to buying bus passes. Over coffee at one of Erlangen’s traditional coffee roasters, we shared many practical tips and swapped recommendations for good restaurants and cafes, playgrounds, and shops. Most definitely a fun morning with old and new friends, that has become a firm tradition at the FIS at the beginning of every new school year. A very special thank you to Sandra Babbs and Saskia Schmitt for leading this city tour and sharing valuable information about life in Germany and the beautiful city of Erlangen.

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