Brain Break Advice from Grade 1

We are all working hard at home to learn.

At school, we use Brain Breaks to help us refocus and self regulate. Brain Breaks are short, one to five minute breaks to recharge yourself or to feel better. In order for Brain Breaks to work, you have to find something that makes you feel relaxed or happy. While we are at home learning, we shared the Brain Breaks that work for us. Maybe one of these Brain Breaks could help you while you learn from home.

  • Play with your sister or brother. If you don’t have a sister or a brother, then play restaurant or makeup stories with your parents!
  • Turn on the radio very loud and DANCE!
  • Snuggle your mom and take 3 deep breaths, then go back to what you were doing.
  • Close your eyes and picture your favorite things. That always makes me relax.
  • Go outside and play with your skateboard or play soccer.
  • My brain relaxes when I sit in my favorite chair and put my legs on the window sill.
  • Deep breaths help give my brain a break.
  • Sit on the sofa and drink tea.
  • Jump on the trampoline or play outside and ride your bike.
  • I usually go outside and play football with my daddy. We might play golf or rugby or other fun stuff.
  • Take a break by watching a little Paw Patrol on the sofa with chips!
  • When my brain gets tired, I dance to my favorite songs. Then my refreshed!
  • I like playing with my Barbies for my brain breaks!
  • Ballet is a calming thing for me. It helps me calm down. Maybe it will help you too!

Remember to give your brain a break every once in a while! Happy remote learning!

1H Students

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