Yoga for Middle School

The purpose of yoga is to calm down our mind. During this yoga class, we will work with our body and breathing to support our mind on its way to relaxation. The focus will be on postures (so called asanas) that will help us increase body force, flexibility, balance and coordination. Different from sports, the focus is not on achievements but on getting to know our body, breathing and mind in a relaxed atmosphere.

Please bring a yoga mat, a towel, comfortable clothes and something to drink.

Classes will start on Friday, October 11, 2019.

When Fridays, 14:10 - 15:10
Where 1.104
Open to Grade 6 to 9
Students min. 5
Students max. 15
Tutor Mrs. Zurek
Cost €45 (This fee is a flat rate for 9 sessions and will be invoiced to parents by the FIS, absences will not be taken into consideration)