Mural Art

My name is Liliana Martinez, I am an artist and Muralist from Colombia. My country is full of colour and nature, just like the land from El Encanto. Together with you, I would like to discover through art what inspires you and with wich colours you connect.

We will apply the art to different kinds of canvases such as glass, cups, clothing pieces, wood and of course walls. I want my students to find their own way to get inspired by my art and other modern artists who use colour in a very strong way to express themselves. For our season finale we will compose together a mural and we will learn perspectives and proportions within a big project. My media of work will be acrylic as it is one of the most friendly and dynamic kinds of paint.

I hope we get to know each other more through our compositions and to have fun!!

When Wednesdays, 15:45 to 16:45
Where TBD
Open to Grade 3 to 5
Students min. 5
Students max. 10
Tutor Ms. Martinez
Cost €66 (This fee is a flat rate for 11 sessions and will be invoiced to parents by the FIS, absences will not be taken into consideration)