Food Chemistry Club

A great cook needs to be a great alchemist! In here you will learn how to bake by getting to know what is the role of each ingredient in a recipe and what reactions need to occur to obtain the best cakes and bread ever. You will then be able to change recipes to your own taste and see the results. You will have the chance to build the strongest gingerbread house in history and test it to prove it among many other activities and challenges.

This course is a repetition – The activities are the same as in the fall season.

When Tuesdays, 15:45 to 16:45
Where 1.043
Open to Grade 5 to 8
Students min. 5
Students max. 8
Tutor Mrs. Leal
Cost €72 (This fee is a flat rate for 12 sessions and will be invoiced to parents by the FIS, absences will not be taken into consideration) + €13 for all the ingredients to be paid directly to Mrs. Leal on the first day.