Contemporary Art Course

Today, everyone is a photographer. Do we need to produce more and more photos or can we work with those already existing? How can we add a new meaning to it, to make an artistic statement?

This contemporary art course will be focused on photography – we will work with found and appropriated pictures, learn how to photograph online without a camera and learn how to see letters everywhere creating a personal alphabet. During the course, students will learn in a game from serious strategies used in contemporary art by professional artists.

We will need some materials: your own printed photographs and pictures from magazines (which can be torn or cut), glue, markers, scissors, acrylic colors, iPhone or a photo camera, notebook or iPad with Skype/Zoom installed. Mrs. Reznik will inform students on which materials to bring for each session during the course.

When Wednesdays, 15:45 - 16:45
Where TBA
Open to Grade 8 to 11
Students min. 6
Students max. 10
Tutor Mrs. Reznik
Cost €77 (This fee is a flat rate for 11 sessions and will be invoiced to parents by the FIS, absences will not be taken into consideration).