Bluegreen Environmental Action Club

The FIS Bluegreen Environmental Action Club (BEAC) is open to Grade 8 to 12 students who want to get more active for the environment and learn about key issues of the day. This group will focus on a cycle of learn-plan-act to produce informed, impactful, visible and fun green initiatives and campaigns that target and involve the school community and perhaps beyond.

Topics will range from plastics in the oceans to deforestation to the knock-on effects of a diet based around meat; from the joys of upcycling to the need to address food waste in the cafeteria. Our first campaign about reducing paper waste is just about to launch; the FIS itself may ask us to help with a public education campaign around recyclables.

Finally, we may also begin to create an online hub for environmental activities. This group will also work to support other green initiatives and clubs throughout the school.

Thursdays, 15:45 to 16:45
Open to
Grade 8 to 12
Students min.
Students max.
Mr. Steinberg
€15 to cover materials